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24. Robert Caro

Author Robert Caro is cautiously optimistic about being Conan O Brien’s friend.

Robert and Conan discuss his biographical works on Robert Moses and Lyndon Johnson, getting into the shoes of his subjects, his new book “Working,” searching for the man who helped steal a Senate election, and the parallels we can draw to today’s events. Plus, Conan responds to a listener voicemail about the size of his skull. 

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Updated on June 08

Key Smash Notes In This Episode


Robert Allan Caro is an American journalist and author who figured out how to write historical biographies in a way that reads like a novel, while maintaining all of the facts.


He was a man of incredibly power in New York City. While was never an elected official, he built 600+ miles of highways, Verrazano and Triboro bridges, apartments and parks and more. You can find out more in the book called "The Power Broker," written by Robert Caro.

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