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Andreas Klinger What Is The Future Of Remote Work?

Andreas Klinger (@andreasklinger), currently Head of Remote at AngelList, is a product-centric startup founder. Previous to AngelList, Andreas was founding team member and CTO at ProductHunt, as well as VP of Engineering at CoinList.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Remote-work!
  • Benefits of traveling while working
  • The phenomenon of globalization
  • Product ideas for remote teams
  • Uploading our consciousness
  • Andreas' meaning for life
  • Innovation and sci-fi
  • The spirituality trap
  • Job automation


(04:35) What is Andreas' notion of spirituality?

(10:30) Andreas' meaning for life

(14:40) Globalization, and decentralized cultures

(19:40) The inevitability of remote work 

(23:15) Consciousness, computers and the 'Bobiverse'

(29:15) Technological evolution: are we living in a sci-fi scenario?

(30:10) Remote work: from hype to banal

(38:15) Market solutions for the upcoming demands of remote work

(43:50) Slow travel: how you can make the most of remote work

(50:45) Striking a balance between in-person and remote work

(54:00) The trap that Silicon Valley has fallen for

(01:00:03) Jet-lag: how do you deal with it?


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