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Erics: Fisher and Levin - Improv & VR

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Episode Description

In today's episode I invite two of my best friends, Eric Levin (@ericrius1) and Eric Fisher, for a laid-back and entertaining conversation. Having previously worked at Facebook, Fisher is currently a character coach and social designer at MiNDFUL iMPROV. Levin is a VR developer who experiments with art, meditation, and yoga in his work.   In this episode, we discuss: VR, AR, and Technology Meditation, and Yoga Creativity and Business Job automation, and AI Skepticism, and Beliefs Freedom in Tech, Science and Truth Globalization The Age of Acceleration Limitations of language Psychedelics, Spirituality and Therapy Consciousness, Awareness and Attention Being vs. Becoming, and Flow Socialization and Improv Society and Culture Timeline: (02:43) Who is Eric Levin? (04:17) Keeping Creative integrity in business (06:58) Job automation, and creativity: will AI replace humanity? (10:03) Designing digital spaces within a capitalist society (13:17) Spirituality: Skepticism to Belief (17:54) Creating Tech that serves Freedom, not Capitalism (21:29) Are we entering the Age of Acceleration? (29:05) Can work be a place of therapy? (33:02) Ayahuasca, and other flow-inducing plants (38:28) Flow: Being, or Becoming (42:30) What is Improv: closing thoughts Please support us by subscribing and leaving a rating + review on Apple Podcasts. You can also help spread the word by sharing this episode with friends and family!  

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