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Greg Wendt - The Cosmos, Systems, and Economics

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Gregory Wendt is a veteran wealth advisor, CFP and economist who works at the forefront of sustainable and responsible investing. As a social entrepreneur, Greg has founded several non-profit community organizations by applying a multi-disciplinary approach to financial innovation. Greg is by all means a natural conversationalist and will not disappoint even the most demanding of listeners. In this episode, we cover two main topics - the universe and the world of economics - with a hint of science, spirituality as well as philosophy. Check out the preview of this talk below. Visit Greg at Timeline: (00:03:27) Business and Hippiedom: Greg's story (00:08:37) The collision of Spirituality with Science (00:13:05) Capital markets and the concept of cosmos (00:14:28) Natural laws vs. Social Dynamics - how groups can destroy your innate potential (00:17:30) Epigenetics: how does the environment affect your genes and your worldview? (00:23:55) What's the point of predicting the future? (00:27:19) Technological paradigm vs. Biomimicry (00:31:13) The specialization epidemic (00:33:39) What are the limitations of (economic) theories? (00:35:24) Social Darwinism vs. Cooperation  (00:38:03) Win-Win games in the economic context (00:41:02) Earthlings: our human and cultural evolution  (00:48:40) Bioregions and how Greg is working to make this concept a reality (00:53:47) Building resilient, smart cities across the world (00:58:03) How Greg is moving capital away from destructive industries into Bioregions (01:05:49) Venture Capital funding, alternatives, and creating systemic solutions to connect the dots  Please subscribe to Crazy Wisdom wherever you listen to podcasts, and leave us a rating and review on Apple Podcasts.    

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