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How to balance intuition with the intellect?

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Just interviewed @kylebrussell about his thoughts on the relationship between stress and creativity. This was one of my favorite interviews. His reading and the way he uses the knowledge he gains from reading is truly astonishing. Insights as follows. Mental models: best way to learn is to see how the mental models of others have failed or succeeded and then update your own mental model based on that. There are drawbacks to only playing with mental models. This is where intuition comes in. Intuition can be trained. Intuition can be balanced by checking intuition against the intellect. It's a process between weighing both of these and adapting the feedback from what happens back into the mental model and training intuition. System 1 and system 2 from D Kahneman. Two general types of creativity with overlap include business person and artiste. A business person is motivated to solve large problems due to external motivations such as legacy and status. They build and buy into a narrative that they are the ones to solve this huge problem. Artiste is motivated by an internal motivation to express that which is inside them. They are tortured by their un expressed creativity and must manifest it into reality. @theartistsway is a great book. Artistes are often uncomfortable with the things that they do that don't conform to the status quo. Yet this is what they have to offer the world. So the process of the artiste is to become comfortable with that which sets them apart.  

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