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John Ramey - The art of Prepping

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I am joined by entrepreneur and angel investor John Ramey, founder and CEO of ThePrepared, to discuss the bizarrely unconventional subject of prepping. In this episode we get to dig deep into the lost art of survival, how modern prepping is bringing it back, the stigma surrounding it and where his company fits in all of this.  Find out more about John at @jpramey    Timeline of the conversation: (04:13) - What's ThePrepared all about? (05:55) - What's the story behind John's company (08:56) - What type of people is interested in prepping? (11:10) - Specialism and the untapped potential in our genes (13:05) - Human agency and the desire for control (16:41) - Communities as a by-product of our survival instinct (20:40) - The dark side of primal human nature (24:14) - Investing your time in learning survival skills (29:00) - The media narrative and Ramey's prediction for foreseeable future (31:53) - What steps should you take to prepare for an emergency? (40:19) - Best places in the U.S. for preppers to live in (42:25) - Climate evolution and life on Earth

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