Jude Gomila: CEO of Golden - Polymaths at work
Crazy Wisdom

On one side, Jude Gomila read a book in which he'd found a "golden thread" about what it takes to complete a thread of knowledge. On the other, there was a practicality aspect which made Golden into a great brand.

The advancements in artificial intelligence, combined with improvements across all internet technologies over the last two decade, has create a perfect timing for a wikipedia-style resource that can index an order of magnitude more knowledge, while removing human-centric biases currently present on Wikipedia.

Always be recycling and remixing ideas. Draw them out on paper.

To make sure you have the best models, build out thousands of mental models about your problem and then build the anti-model. Ask where does this model break?

Golden is controller by the Golden team at the moment. A fully distributed version of the data, on blockchain, would be a complete inverse of it.

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