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Norland Téllez: Civilization of Maya, Wisdom, and Psychology

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Norland Téllez is an Artist, teacher, and mythologist with a background in film animation. Grounding himself in classical painting and drawing, his core artistic and intellectual life centers around the study of the Popol-Vuh, a classic of Mayan mythology. In this episode, Norland shares what it means to be a visual artist whose work centers around the Popol-Vuh, the Mayan epic of creation and perennial wisdom. Having this cultural masterpiece as our guiding thread, we explore different facets of life such as: Language and other artistic forms of human expression The intersection between psychology and mythology Happiness, Pleasure, and Hedonism Creativity and self-destruction The quest for the unknown The meaning of dreams Non-linearity of time (un)Consciousness The Hero's journey Find out more about Norland and his work at Timeline: (00:04:01) What is the Popol-Vuh? (00:04:57) What contribution did the Mayans make to the world? (00:10:35) How does Mayan wisdom approach our biases? (00:17:14) Jumping into the unknown, spirituality and psychology (00:20:14) Language, artistic expression, and the layers of human experience (00:28:27) How can we bridge the gap between the conscious and the unconscious? (00:32:52) In what way has the study of Mayan wisdom influenced Norland's life? (00:40:46) Myth or Ideology: what is the line that separates them? (00:45:59) What's the Mayan story of human creation? (00:52:26) Jouissance, Creativity & Death-drive (01:07:00) The Hero's Journey: from selfhood to self-divestment If you made it all the way down here, don't forget to subscribe and please take the time to leave us a rating and review on Apple Podcasts.

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