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What happens when your expectations don't match reality?
Crazy Wisdom
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How can frustration be described ? 00:05

Frustration is expectation misaligned with reality.


How can happiness be attained ? 00:31

Three key things: accept misalignment between expectations and reality, change expectations, and change reality.


What can cause stress ? 03:55

Stress can stem from frustration and different levels of frustration can turn into other emotions like anger, sorrow, etc. Stress is an overarching umbrella of other underlying emotions.


What is consensus reality ? 09:25

It is the reality agreed upon by most human beings even though it may not be "true" reality.


How can creatives handle constraints, especially financial constraints ? 19:23

The reality is that many companies who are robustly funded tend to make bigger mistakes.


What are some ways that meditation is being misused ? 27:27

Some people are beginning to use meditation as a technique for work enhancement or increased productivity. Ultimately, meditation is sometimes used as a quest for power.


What are some beneficial things to keep in mind with meditation ? 29:10

It is helpful to have one-on-one interaction with someone trained in meditation in order to experience the full benefits. Otherwise, everything is biased through an individual's own filters which makes it difficult to progress in meditation.


Ultimately, what should meditation do? 30:51

It should help individuals connect the emotional and rational aspects of life and thought processes.


What is the idea of output vs. activity ? 34:06

One can be doing a lot of things, but what are they actually causing to happen? Is the output having a meaningful impact on one's world and community? It can be helpful to shift perspective.


What can be argued as the quickest way to truth and happiness? 44:35

To serve others.