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How is listening to a podcast different from reading podcast notes? 04:52

Yoni says that there's a retention difference. If you’re just reading the notes, it’ll be a different connection with the content versus if you’re the one listening and writing out the notes for the podcasts.


How can learning through various ways help us? 06:24

Yoni states that while there are many ways to learn, such as by listening or taking notes, some of these ways work better for others more than the latter. It’s a good approach to decide which is a better when encountering passive or active material. Reading and listening to a podcast are different things.


What inspired Yoni to create Podcast Notes? 07:13

In 2015, he would commute and listen to a lot of podcasts to pass the time. He listened to a podcast with Joe Rogan and Rogan joked about taking notes on the podcast because he had a guest with lots of information to share. Yoni decided to take notes and shared it with the digital world by creating a Wordpress and tweeted it. Joe retweeted Yoni’s joke, which inspired him to find value in creating podcast notes.


What should you do if you keep investing time in something that shows little results? 11:45

It means that you should reconsider what you’re doing. When you’re on to something that has value, you will see responses and fruition from it. You may not get early wins right away because it takes time to build up your audience. If it’s something you truly believe in, don’t give up.


How can taking notes for podcasts impacted your life? 15:48

For Yoni, he says it influences how we build podcasts out professionally and personally. One quote that has been the most meaningful for him is “Hard choices, easy life. Easy choices, hard life.” Making the hard choices now will benefit your life even more when making long-term decisions.


How is life in Silicon Valley different from New York? 20:22

Being based in New York, Yoni’s view of the California area is a hub for what it is. It has its own ecosystem filled with all the parts it needs. He states that the world needs this hub that's filled with visionaries or unrealistic ideas sometimes. Yoni finds that Silicon Valley provides meaning to the world and he hopes that it continues to do what it’s been doing.


How is Yoni trying to broaden the distribution of his content? 23:10

He is looking for a way to have the notes translated and accessible for non-English speakers. Even though the translation tools do not provide a 100% fluid translation of the notes correctly, people will still be able to understand most of the content when translated.


How much can we accomplish in life? 25:35

There’s a quote that states, “You can have anything you want, but not everything you want.” Yoni states that we can accomplish a lot of things, but we cannot do all of them due to having a limited amount of time in life.


How do you know which things are worth pursuing in life? 26:29

You’ve got to go with your gut. You can’t overanalyze things because if you do, you’ll lose that opportunity when you are consumed with worry.


What is the goal of Podcast Notes? 27:25

The core concept is to write high quality notes on the best podcasts that the company can find, and do as much of them as they can over time. Yoni hopes to continue to grow his quality and content of the company to provide value for people.


What is the standard of someone having the best podcast? 30:39

Yoni states that it depends on what the podcaster is talking about. You can tell it’s going to be a great podcast if the interviewer is engaging with the guest by asking follow-up questions. The host will genuinely ask follow-up questions rather than just focusing on getting a list of questions answered.


Is Substack an easy newsletter system to manage? 34:46

Yes. For the Stewart, the host, he enjoy the simplicity of Substack. It is simple enough for him to write and publish material. There are also different features for free and paid subscribers. A podcast feature is also an option in Substack. The company focuses on email, newsletters, and podcast niches.


What is a niche that people would really want to learn about? 41:18

One that is new evolving, and you have the new “it” factors. Crypto is another big topic that people excitedly talking about. When thinking and discussing more broadly about a topic, it can be a more attractive subject.


What is the difference between psychedelics and meditation? 42:32

Yoni thinks that psychedelics are like cheat codes; whereas, meditation is like the real hard choices, easy life version to get there. He finds that meditation is the right way, but it takes a long time and lots of focus.


What is the biggest piece of content that has changed your life? 53:39

For Yoni, he comes back to the hard choices, easy life quote. Plus, he reiterates that we can have anything. He sees opportunities personally and professionally, but he acknowledges that he can’t have everything.

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