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The Last Decrypted

This week on Decrypted, hosts Aki and Brad get together one last time for an announcement: This will be the very last episode of Decrypted. They also look back at some of their favorite episodes from the show, with updates on where those stories are today. (But don't unsubscribe from this feed because we'll be announcing a new show next spring!)
For a list of episodes Aki and Brad will be discussing:

Young Blood and the Pursuit of Eternal Youth

He Sparked the Fake News Boom. Then Facebook Broke His Business

A Hacker's Redemption, Part 1 and Part 2

Inside a Multinational Cyber Weapons Deal That Went Bust

Meet the Whistleblower Behind a Silicon Valley Meltdown

Human vs Machine: Fitness Gadgets


Key Smash Notes In This Episode

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