Unicorns, IPOs and the next tech giants
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What is a Unicorn Startup? 01:26

Unicorns are companies that have a valuation of one billion dollars or more.


What is Lone Pine Capital and why are they investing in Seattle unicorns? 02:46

Lone Pine Capital is an American hedge fund headquartered in Greenwich, Connecticut. They have invested in Convoy and Outreach, two unicorn startups based out of Seattle region. GeekWire team suspects there is now more money available for investments that ever before, and with the interest rates going up, investing in more risky asset classes, like unicorn startups, is allowing this firm to diversify their portfolio.


Why was Seattle specifically mentioned in Uber S1 filing? 07:33

Was it because of Seattle's attempt to regulate ride sharing and scooters, or was it because Uber has a growing engineering presence in Seattle? No. Uber mentioned Seattle in S1 filing because jurisdictions like Seattle are likely to pass minimum wage requirements and to permit drivers to negotiate their wages, which is a huge issue for their business.