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Martin Tobias is the CEO of Bulletproof Labs, the CEO of Upgrade Labs and the co-founder of People For Cause, Element 8 Angels, and MGT Investments. He’s served on the board of directors for Cloudmark and Tippr, and co-founded numerous startups, including Kashless, Imperium Renewables, and Loudeye Technologies. He was a partner at Ignition Partners, a venture capital firm in Seattle, and previously served as an executive at Microsoft.

In addition to being an experienced technology executive, Martin is a health enthusiast and an advocate for people taking control of their own biology. Bulletproof Labs is a high-end health center with an emphasis on biohacking. Bulletproof Labs features the latest, cutting-edge workout equipment and experimental and emerging therapies, including cryotherapy, float tanks, and high-intensity interval training.

In this episode, we answer questions on biohacking and discuss the latest trends in life extension. What are telomeres? Can you regrow your telomeres? What are NAD supplements? Could nicotine be part of a healthy diet? What is a vampire facial?

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Updated on August 22

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