Nutrition and Bio-Hacking w/ Martin Tobias, CEO, Bulletproof Labs
How to Live to 200 Podcast

He is the CEO of Bulletproof Labs. He is a serial entrepreneur and has co-founded multiple companies, led numerous startups, and worked as an executive and Microsoft and Venture Capitalists. His latest company was the product of a poker game.

Martin Tobias states that the cause of it was from a poker game, which he won $15,000. He started meditating, but wanted to find out a technology hack to meditate better. He discovered one, but it cost the same amount of money he won at the poker game. He partnered with his friend, Dave, and became part of Bulletproof Labs due to the 40 Years of Zen program.

When it comes to longevity, health, and vitality, you have to determine which measurements to use to measure them. Telomeres are more commonly used because they are easy to measure and the test is cheap. Telomeres are the ends of your DNA strands. Each time a strand divides, the telomere gets shorter. Over a lifetime, your telomere length is correlated to your age.

Martin says that when you’re in a hacking environment, it becomes difficult to correlate which things are attributing to the age. One thing that he’s taken that has shown a difference in his telomere age is taking a Russian peptide called, epithalon.

So far, Martin has done four cycles of epithalon by taking a 100 milligram vial of it that’s been freeze dried. You combine it in water and inject one millimeter of it into your stomach every day for ten days. Each cycle gives you four or five years of telomere growth.

Martin says that the National Institute of Health states to take the mouse dosage per kilogram and divide it by 100 to equal the human model. Testing the amount of a dosage on a mouse versus a human is difficult to accurate get right.

NAD levels are the primary things that get destroyed during addiction. Martin states that it’s basically like Vitamin B3. It is already in your body and is a coenzyme. Your body consumes or can degenerate it if you consume a lot of alcohol or opioids. It is beneficial to get rid of cravings and rebuilds mitochondrial functions.

All your cells in the body are degraded if your NAD levels are low. This means that you may experience brain fog, weird cravings, or depression because it’s a fuel source for your cells to function and do their job.

There is no test for the before and after levels, but he noticed that things changed quickly for him. He found that his executive function and long-term memory increased. He noticed a lot of cognitive improvements afterwards.

It is a bio-hacking facility. It’s a place where you can go and experience bio-hacking technologies that offer different shortcuts, such as brain shortcuts, exercise shortcuts, immune system functions, and supplementations. It is set up as a personal trainer model. There is only one location, and it’s in Santa Monica, CA.

The first category is the people who have a type of chronic autoimmune, non-responsive disease. Basically, people who have not been well served by the current medical system, and want symptomatic relief and to try new therapies. Category one people tend to use the cryotherapy technologies.

The second category people are those who have had an injury and want to recover faster. People in category two include those who have experienced traumatic brain injuries. Most of these people recover within a few days from their injuries. The technologies used are post-electromagnetic fields, which reset the electrical charge in cells and increases circulation.

The third category is people who just want to perform better in life. These may include busy executives who want to deal with their stress better, or people who want to work out better. These people have a weight workout that replaces two hours of training so they can work just as well while the workout takes less time.

Martin says that if you remove its reputation from cigarettes and focus solely as a stand alone chemical, it’s good for your cognitive function and growing new veins.

They will be a clinic where standardized procedures have been proven to work in populations, but are targeted toward specific things, such as V-cell procedures. They are looking to offer upgraded versions of current clinical procedures in a regenerative medical space.

They are virgin stem cells, which are in the blood. They are passed to us from our mother, but aren’t active. They can be activated by diseases, but they can also be activated once they are extracted and activated by a laser.

Martin is an investor of the Oura Ring company. The ring is an activity tracker and collects data in an easy and passive way. Martin can measure his heart rate variability and sleep quality, which helps him regulate and be aware of the things that he’s doing.

When people live their lives being conscientious about their health and their health state, they will live happier lives, be injured less, and have less over training issues. Overall, it’s a better way to make decisions on what to do in their lives.

Martin says that his morning routine includes meditation, journaling, and supplements that are based on his blood work. He encourages everyone to have a routine that works for them, and to start the day filled with gratitude or calmness because it has made his day more productive.

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