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Parker Conrad explains how to bring Payroll, Benefits, HR & IT together with Rippling

Parker Conrad founded Rippling (https://www.rippl…

Updated on October 07

Key Smash Notes In This Episode


Parker’s first company was Zenefits, and all-in-one HR system that would automagically set up your HR and payroll systems. By connecting those systems together, dramatically simplified life for the HR department.

After leaving Zenefits, Parker realized that every functional area in company has a similar problem. HR, Sales, Dev …etc , all have an administrative pain in managing complex and often sensitive employee and business data.

Parker’s new company, Rippling, will simplify this convoluted mess of software and data, by putting it all in one place, and seamlessly managing it for you.


Information about employees change all the time. Your family composition changes, your managers change, your pay grade and pay scale change ...etc. Salary for example has to change with your payroll, with your 401k program, with your insurance carrier and so forth. With Rippling, you only have to set it up one time.

Then, once you fire someone, termination protocols have to unroll all the access and turn off and off board all the systems, including paying their last paycheck, shutting down their accounts..etc. Rippling does all of that automatically.

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