Blogging 101
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Why do people like to blog? 00:35

People blog for various reasons. It can be a useful resource to reference back on things for business or personal use. Blogging allows you to create your own portfolio and is a way to establish yourself within the global community. It also can be used as a reflection for your life as a takeaway for your future self.


What makes a good blog? 05:36

A good flow, readability, engaging and clearly conveyed thoughts.


What are two important blogging motivators? 08:25

Money and gaining an audience. As you increase your content on a blog, it can lead other opportunities for you to make money from your blog. Blogging is a great motivator so you can see how impactful your words are for readers.


What happens when you turn a side project into a side job? 11:54

It becomes much more stressful. When it comes to blogging, you’ll have a slow start at first. It can be overwhelming at first to try to maintain it whenever you have other priorities as well.


What is a benefit of a blog that is slower to start? 13:02

Once you gain your audience, they become your ride or dies. Your organic followers become your biggest supporters.


Why do some people start blogs? 15:03

People start blogs for various reasons. Some will start a blog as a way to boost their career or use it as a way to challenge themselves personally and grow.


What are some features of the Hemingway app and Grammarly? 24:32

The Hemingway app shows you your word count and the reading level. The premium version of Grammarly checks for consistency of your grammar and post. They both offer wonderful features for writers, and are great sources for those who are not native English speakers wishing to start a blog.


How long does it take for a post's idea to form and become a public post? 30:03

While it strongly depends on the person, If you are posting about a new topic, it could take longer versus a topic that you are already familiar with that requires little research.


When does a blog post receive the most traction? 35:33

One of the hosts read that the most active blog posts are between a 3-5 minute read time will receive the most views because people do tend to have a short attention span. Another states that, technically, posts with more keywords are the ones to receive more traction.


How do you gain a blogging audience? 36:36

It’s important to diversify your audience due to the ever-changing search engine algorithms. This is why it’s important to focus on SEO keywords and social media. Good content is critical if you want people to start reading and enjoying your blog.


How do you handle negative comments on your blog? 45:26

Bloggers can create their own strategies to handle negativity. One host writes out her responses, screenshots them, then deletes them so she doesn’t have to experience the fallout. When responding, educate for the audience, not the one who leaves the negative response. Having a support system is one of the best things for bloggers to have as well.


What is a tip for casual bloggers? 51:59

Kelly says that unless you are going into a blogging career, blogging will not hinder you from having a successful career. If it isn’t something you like, then simply don’t do it. It will not prevent you from moving forward in your career. Write at your own pace and do whatever you want since it’s your own project if you’re doing it for fun.


How do you gain confidence to start blogging? 53:57

A lot of things have been written already, but that shouldn’t prevent you from sharing your own unique experience with your voice. At some point, you have to feel confident enough to go for it and publish your own post. Certain readers will be able to relate to your own personal experience.


What makes the best blog post? 58:21

The blog post that you are struggling to write makes the best blog post when you finally figure it out. It’s because the topic that you’re struggling to learn, someone else will benefit and learn something from your post.


What should you consider when choosing a blogging platform? 59:04

One main thing to consider if you are wanting to write and publish content is to know that you may not have ownership of your content for certain platforms.


What are canonical urls? 59:42

It is a setting you use whenever you crosspost so that all the search engines will go to your original blog instead of the place you are crossposting to. In this case, crossposting will be beneficial for your SEO use and become a good start to gain traffic, even if you have a new blog.