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Ep 115: May Boeve, Executive Director & Co-Founder of

Today's guest is May Boeve, Executive Director & Co-Founder of is an international climate change campaign that was founded by a group of university friends, along with author, Bill McKibben, who wrote one of the first books on global warming for the general public. May has been active in the climate movement since her days at Middlebury College, and that includes co-founding and leading the "Step It Up 2007” campaign, which brought together communities from 1,400 places for a national day of climate action. It also includes getting handcuffed and arrested in front of the White House while protesting the Keystone XL Pipeline. Through it all, May has maintained her commitment to fighting for what's right.

And in 2015, Time Magazine recognized her as a "Next Generation Leader." I was looking forward to this episode because activism is so important for the climate movement, and it's a topic that I haven't covered enough yet here on the pod. It's also a topic that's going through a bunch of change. People say that climate in many ways has been like a rich white people's problem. And until we tackle the issues of environmental and social justice, we're not really going to address climate change as well. Moreover, without addressing issues of racial and social equality, we're not going to be able to ensure that there's a "just transition." We have a great discussion in this episode about May's roots in activism and in fighting to combat global warming, where that came from, how it came about, and how her thinking on these topics has evolved over the past decade. We also talk about the current state of affairs in the climate movement and in the world, where we need to go, and what are some of the things that can be most impactful for helping us get there.

Enjoy the show!

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