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Ep 121: Bryce Smith, Founder & CEO at LevelTen Energy

Today's guest is Bryce Smith, Founder & CEO at LevelTen Energy.

Described as a “Zillow for energy contracts,” LevelTen Energy provides a renewable energy procurement platform that connects corporations that have renewable energy goals with developers that want to build solar, wind and energy storage projects. LevelTen provides access to all the planned projects in the market as well as sophisticated data analysis to help corporations understand, compare, and select the best overall project for them. In addition, the company offers a team of industry experts and a range of software tools to manage the process from beginning to end, helping corporations achieve their goals faster and at less risk.

We have a great discussion in this episode about Bryce's career and experience, what brought him into the energy world, and what led him to founding LevelTen. We talk about the vision of LevelTen, the company’s origin story, the products they've had to date, and what types of things are coming next. And we have a great discussion about the energy marketplace and how the projects LevelTen facilitates are helping to usher the transition to renewable energy.

Enjoy the show!

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