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Ep 122: Tim Latimer, Co-Founder & CEO of Fervo Energy

Today's guest is Tim Latimer, Co-Founder and CEO of Fervo Energy.

Fervo Energy is a geothermal energy developer, that has developed technology that is more cost-effective than traditional methods. The company is commercializing technology to develop, own, and operate geothermal assets as a dispatchable foundation to a 100% clean energy future. Its technology incorporates proven cost-effective methods such as horizontal drilling and advanced fiber optic sensing to lower the cost and increase the productivity of geothermal development.

This is the first episode that I've done putting geothermal front and center, and Tim does a great job in this discussion of providing an overview of geothermal technology. I learn why it matters, where it is in its evolution, where it needs to get to and the barriers holding it back. We also talk a bunch about Tim's journey from starting as a drilling engineer, working in the Permian and Eagle Four Basins, to now being laser-focused on thermal technology and the clean energy transition. I really enjoyed this one and I hope you do as well.

Enjoy the show!

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