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Ep 31: Gregg Dixon, Ceo Of Voltus, Inc.

Today’s guest is Gregg Dixon, the CEO . of Voltus, Inc.

Gregg connects customers, investors, teammates, and the world with Voltus value, ensuring that the vision for the company, and its culture, is meeting their expectations. Gregg is a world-renowned expert in commercial and industrial energy management and has pioneered many of today’s innovations that unlock the economic and environmental benefits of “intelligent energy.”

Prior to co-founding Voltus, Gregg was the Senior Vice President of Marketing and Sales and a founding executive at EnerNOC, a leading provider of demand response, energy procurement, and energy intelligence software, where he led all facets of marketing, sales, product, and professional services. Gregg developed and executed EnerNOC’s award winning go-to-market strategy that took EnerNOC from $0 to nearly $500 million in revenue over the course of 10 years. Among his proudest achievements, he created more than 350 jobs, brought to market more than 10,000 MW’s of demand response around the world, delivered more than $1 billion in cash savings to customers, opened more than two dozen markets for the very first time to demand side resources, architected the company’s product strategy, and, before he left, led EnerNOC’s Supreme Court of the United States case on FERC Order 745, which was decided in favor of EnerNOC, ensuring that the demand response industry can continue to grow.

Prior to joining EnerNOC, Gregg was Vice President of Marketing and Sales for Hess Microgen, the leading provider of commercial on-site co-generation systems and services in the United States, where he pioneered efforts to bring more than 100 co-generation systems to leading grocery, hospitality, commercial property, and manufacturing customers. Gregg was also a Partner at Mercer Management Consulting, where he advised Fortune 1000 companies on customer and product strategy, economic analysis, and new business development.

Gregg has been the keynote and contributing speaker at hundreds of energy conferences, and his work in the industry has been cited broadly in the media, including The Wall St. Journal, The Economist, USA Today, Wired Magazine, and The Boston Globe, among others. Gregg graduated from Boston College with bachelor’s degrees in Business Administration and Information Systems and he is a Certified Energy Manager, Certified Demand Side Management Professional, and Certified Sustainable Development Professional with the Association of Energy Engineers with whom he was also recognized as a “Lifetime Legend in Energy.” Gregg was also voted one of Boston’s “40 Under 40” by Boston Business Journal as recognition for having established himself as a leader to be watched in the field of technology and energy.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Overview of Voltus, Inc., including founding story

  • Gregg’s history with EnerNOC, and how Voltus is a natural extension of that work

  • Overview of demand response and how it works

  • Discussion on climate change and capitalism, and how the two interrelate

  • Discussion on climate impact Voltus can have, if successful

  • What Voltus skeptics would say, and how Gregg responds

  • Voltus value prop to customers and pitch

  • What Gregg does to help combat climate change in his own life

  • His advice for others trying to figure out how to make an impact

  • How Gregg would allocate $100B to maximize impact in climate fight

Links to topics discussed in this episode:

  • Gregg Dixon Linkedin:

  • Gregg Dixon Twitter:

  • Voltus, Inc: 

  • EnerNOC: 

  • FERC Order 745:

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Enjoy the show!


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