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Welcome To My Climate Journey

Hello everyone, and welcome to My Climate Journey!

I created this podcast to bring you along on my journey to better understand the climate change problem, and to identify areas where I or other people concerned about this problem (like you?!) might be able to help.

Here's what you can expect:

This will be a journey in every sense of the word. We will be learning in public as we go, as we interview guest after guest, and as we work to develop mastery in all aspects of the podcasting medium.

Each week we will bring on a new guest, from a wide range of backgrounds, to talk through this problem space with them, learn more about their area of focus, and talk about what things can be done to make their area move faster, and for our path towards a solution to move faster overall.

We will do our best to bring on guests from multiple sides of contentious issues, to further our own efforts to better understand the issues, as well as those of our listeners. We will not hold back from asking hard questions or engaging in lively debate, but our aim is to make sure every guest feels like they have been treated fairly and given a chance to express their views. Our goal is not only to surface the differences, but to find common ground across people with opposing viewpoints as well.

If done right, you should leave each episode feeling more informed and better armed with actionable steps you can take to help out, all while being entertained along the way.

You can find me on twitter @jjacobs22, where I encourage you to share your feedback on episodes and provide suggestions for future guests you’d like to hear on the show.

For more information visit:

Updated on October 16

Key Smash Notes In This Episode


Jason Jacobs has spent months talking to experts tackling climate change to figure out where he fit in, in order to help. He brings the questions, and experts share their stories. This podcast is his way to go through the journey together, to learn, and discover climate change from different angles.

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