My Favorite Productivity Hacks Ever
Noah Kagan Presents

A mouse or trackpad not set at full speed can really slow down a day, especially for those who work primarily from a computer. To resolve, one should to go to their mouse or trackpad settings and adjust to the highest speed. View this as a funnel. If a mouse/trackpad is slow, every activity dependent on this movement will be slower.

If you can afford it, buy the fastest devices available. Time spent waiting for booting up, loading, etc. is time wasted. Compounded over the course of a year, it's a lot of hours you could be doing something else.

If you are not typing at least 80 words per minute (WPM), there is room for improvement. It is possible to think fast and type fast, saving a lot of time throughout the day.

Shortcuts, especially in gmail or other email servers, can be time savers. Learn shortcuts and use them accordingly.

Sleep should be 8 hours a day and is the foundation of life. If one's bed and sleep habits are not optimized, it can impact a whole day. Air filters can help provide clear air/easier breathing. Try out different pillows until finding one that is suitable. A mattress topper can also add comfort.

A weekly review of the previous week and survey of the upcoming week helps to analyze what worked, what didn't work, and what can be scheduled to improve productivity going forward.

A 3x5 card can be used to simply place a daily to-do list on based on the weekly accountability check-in. Write 3-5 tasks on the card and then star the most important item that needs to be completed.

This app provides reminders of things that need to be completed and helps to set a foundation for each day.

Some examples of habits that can help guide each day include reading daily mantras, committing to learning something new, studying another language, drinking plenty of water, taking supplements, and walking at least 5,000 steps per day. Each individual should find what works for them.

Siri can set daily reminders such as what someone is grateful for, etc. to help keep perspective and stay grounded at the start of each day.

Leave your computer charger at home. Without chargers, there is an allotted amount of time that your device will work for. This sets a specific window of time to complete certain tasks, or else!

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