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Notes To Myself πŸ“

I recently came up with 7 key themes and reminders I try and use every day. This is a short podcast episode packed with actionable insights. Use these quick life, business, and happiness tips for your own life..

Updated on September 04

Key Smash Notes In This Episode


Fantasy 2020 is a list of most crazy things that Noah wants to do in 2020. Here's what's on it:

Have an epic October Fest. Write a popular book. Have Ok Dork audience to reach 10x current size. Create a business Netflix show. Make a Serial-like podcast. Visit Tokyo for the Olympics. Interview 3 more people on his "attainable list." Mentor every person at Sumo. Get a 1982 Rolex Explorer.


Don't just spend time playing, but spend time practicing. That means once in a while, you should pick up a book, or hire a coach, and learn something that you don't yet know. For example, a small improvement in your business (or chess) strategy could lead to massive outcomes.


If you are playing not to lose, you will eventually lose, but if you keep playing to win, you will pull yourself up to eventually win.

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