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Notes To Myself 📝

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March 01

I recently came up with 7 key themes and reminders I try and use every day. This is a short podcast episode packed with actionable insights. Use these quick life, business, and happiness tips for your own life.

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is abuse? Sexy bastard. It's your boy egg whites make a rabbi can lose a K A. No. Kegan. I was driving today, and I had a few reminders for myself that I wanted to share with you. They included my fantasy list playing toe win, giving up when you're ahead and a few other year nuggets. I figured your ears were a little bit hungry and needed a snack. So you're gonna hear about chess, squash and a bunch of other weird things in this episode. Enjoy. Before the judgment of the conversation. Go check out hall drop dot com. That's a J, u l d rop dot com and a vote your favorite products where it's a thing we've built recently to promote the coolest products that people are making online.

Today. We're doing a bunch of giveaways, and there's a lot of discounts on the site. Go check it out. Hall drop dot com also hit me up on Twitter at Noah Kegan and let me know what nickname you think I should use in one of my upcoming episodes. If yours is great, a YouTube s a king. Talk over here. We'll use it in a future episode. Oh, and also a special pre show shadow to listener Chris Lawhorn for Sending me an email about the Jeff Ross episode. Thank you so much, man, that made my day. And if you want to shut out in a future up so leaving iTunes review, I check every single one of them.

All right, let's get it on. So the first thing I want to talk about is a fantasy list. A lot of us are trying to figure out what our goals for the year what are we gonna do with my life and all these other things? And so I came up with the idea of a fantasy list based on the inspiration of roadblocks. I don't know, really what roadblocks, but I know it's the new big thing. And so I stumbled upon this thing online called Yo y 2023 which is end of your 2023 for roadblocks. And they have this list of 10 things that they want to do in their business in the next five years. They wrote this a few years ago, so let me just read off a few him to get you inspired for your life in your business. So one, the president of the USA will mention his or whore roadblocks. Avatar on camera to Tesla will use roadblocks. At least 50% of their cars.

3 50% of toys sold in. You say we'll have a roadblocks scan tag for a road blocks. Developer earns $50 million in one year, 61 million concurrent players in a roadblocks game. All right, you get the hint. This was so damn inspiring for me to think about what are the most fun and out of this world. Things that we can do in our lives and in our business. And how do I just do this for myself? So I said, Hey, Roadblocks is doing it and putting out there, why don't we do it for ourselves? So I came up with my fantasy 2020 and I want you to do this for yourself today. Get out your phone. Just do it on your notes right now and write out Just literally make a checklist of what would be the most crazy things that you could do for yourself and your business in this year.

So if you the ones that I wanted to share with you just to kind of get you inspired. Our Hopefully, maybe you can copy me or come up with your own ones and let me know. Number one. I want to have an epic Octoberfest on boys. Southwell, I want Okay, Dork. Yes, you the audience to reach 10 times the size of this audience, I want to create a business Netflix show that goes super popular. I want to make a serial like podcast. That's business related. I want to write a very popular book. That's not another business yourself up book that people really, really resonate with.

I want to visit Tokyo for the Olympics and eat amazing food and a lot of beer and sake. Eh? I want to interview three more people on my attainable list. I want to mentor every single person working at sumo specifically a few people that I work with day to day. And I want to celebrate the year with a 1982 Rolex 10 16 Explorer. Hey, look, it's my fantasy. I could do whatever I want. So you should include in your business or in your personal what are some of the most crazy things. Like I even put I want to be on the Joe Rogan show talking about something unique. I did. I'll throw one more in there. I want to make my guest house a spa, so it's gonna be called the Kegan Russian Spa House. We're taking memberships right now.

Anyways, this is my fantasy list, and I want you to think about what is your fantasy list that you can put together. Let me know how it goes. Number two of thing I want to remind myself and encourage you to do is training versus playing. And so years ago, my brother and I were playing a lot of disk off. I don't know if you out there are big disc offers, but more with love disco. And so if you think about it when you go play disco, if you just go out and playing. So we'd go out and we play and I wouldn't really get better. And you know, disco is insanely frustrating for the people that there. That's why you have to smoke a lot of weed when you play, so you don't really know what's happening.

And so I played discover and my brother kinda highlighted it to me one day, said no. Uh, you know, we're playing disc golf, but you gotta actually train and practice versus playing. What do you mean? He's like, You're never really improving when you're playing, and that's interesting. So that's something that I've really tried to think about in different aspects of my life. So with this golf, he would go out and practice putts. You go out and practice four hands. He practiced hooks, whatever it is,

the different shots. And the same thing goes. For lately I've been playing squash, which I mean, it's not just a vegetable, it's a game. Similar racquetball played by British people. And they have accorded at UT in Austin. And I've been playing all the time. It's such a great workout. It's tons of fun. Me and my buddy Joseph Kelley from Unchained Capital, you're in the Bitcoin. Go check out unchain capital. And so for squash the same thing. If you're just going and playing,

you're probably not gonna improve that much. So you gotta go out and practice your backgrounds and practice angles and go study it and thats how eventually when you're playing your games. Gonna elevate. The same thing has gone for chess, But it's something I want you to think about for yourself. Are you training? Who are you just playing what you're playing? You're probably not gonna be improving. You gotta actually go train and practice. So when you do the play in the fun parts, you're gonna do a lot better. All right, Number three. I got three things about chess that I wantto get off my chest. Right? Got my jokes.

Suck today, but it's 5 30 It's happy our time. I'm recording this before I go on vacation to make sure that you get a delicious up. Seven years I've been blamed chest again. I've gotten back to being obsessed with it. I'm playing bullets just only which is one minute games. And so I've noticed a few things are really interesting that I wanted to share with you. The first off is in chess. There's, like a 1,000,000,000 permutations. A trillion, whatever it is. Three years ago I was playing before I would try to learn all these different things and it dawned on me that why don't I just pick one opening? And so what? That means for the people who don't play chess out there. It's like the little guys that are in the front row,

the ponds. I just always do the same exact ones every single time. And it kind of was a really interesting thing where, like because I'm only doing one thing, I could become excellent at it before I would be like, Let me move the 3rd 1 and then I'll move the 4th 1 All right, Fifth. All right. Six. Let me just play around. And so it kind of really started me thinking about how do I just get excellent at one thing? Another stupid example. I was playing horse. The basketball game. You know, when you try to shoot,

if you make it and your body mrs, then they get an H until you get horse. So it's fine with my good friend John Ross. Shut out, Jr. El Paso. What up? And we're playing and J. R. From the left corner was just killing it. He was super murdering it are sinking it or flowering it. I don't like the murder killer vernacular. He was dropping bombs. That that that sounds finger to know Jane was doing really well. She's making this one shot, but then he would go shoot from other places.

That was a jerk. You make it every time from this spot. I don't make it every time. Just get really good at this one spot. The problem with it is it's hella boring. It's boring, but it's also really fun to kick people's ass. So think about whatever activities you're doing. And maybe there's one specific thing like, If you're in Ping Pong, pick your backhand. If you're in business, pick one thing and just get really, damn grated it because winning is fun. I'll tell you another component of this that that was a funny story for me. Years ago,

I played a lot of tennis. I built the tennis business is one of my first ones, and I played this Asian guys, probably 55. I'm this young, 21 year old strapping, hairless man good looking off, and I'm playing this Asian dude, and all he did was lob it back over to me. It was so boring, so I'd hit it run, drop shot, back shot, quarter shot, eat love and back over. And it was boring.

But he won. And so the thing is, I'm not saying it's supposed to just be boring, but pick one thing. Whatever activity business, personal work, whatever that is and get really damn great in it. So it was a good reminder for myself because now I can become excellent through that, eventually maybe learn other things, but focus on just one and get really great it number two. So I started playing chess again, and it was really interesting. Think about strategy. And so I got to around 950 rating and I was kind of Platt Toad. You know, I'd be playing a lot,

playing a lot, playing a lot, and it was really acting. So I played a lot for, like, two weeks and playing like an hour a day. I'm not even working. Sorry, guys, that sumo and girls, I'm not doing any work. I'm just playing chess all day long, and I was like, Man, I'm not getting any better. This is really shooting to be in a plateau,

so I spent literally two hours. I just googled chest bullet tips, so I only specialize in playing one minute games where you have just one minute per player total to put the entire match, and I read for two hours and literally the next day my score went up to 1200 and now it's It's averaging 11 52 1200. And it blew my mind just how spending two hours reading could change my entire performance drastically. And it kind of reminded me of the Abe Lincoln quote and hearing people doing the quotes that well, no. But sometimes it's nice to hear McGuinn and Abe Lincoln quote is, sharpens his soft for eight hours and just cuts for once. But if you think about it, probably wasn't even doing me finally hired someone, so anyways, but the story is good and the same thing with whatever it is that you're trying to improve, doctor about training versus playing. But I think the other part is, Can you be reading strategy?

Can you be hiring a coach? And so for me now, for the last two weeks since I got improved, I've just been playing again and so literally this morning, one on YouTube, I went on Amazon. I went back to the Google, possibly be looking for a coach, and I'm like, let me go back to studying and reading and figuring out the better strategy so that when I play, I could get to that next level. So hopefully that's all for you And thinking about whatever may be your Platt telling on just taking time out of doing it And get a coach, do some strategy, do some reading, and I'll get you to that next level. All right,

this is last. Where our chest. I know you're like a chess man, you nerd alert, but it's okay. It's okay. So this is actually I think one more interesting is I want to note to myself, I'm playing chess, and I finally got up to 11. 50 and I was like, Holy crap. And then I got to 1218 screenshot it. And when I got to that thing, I actually didn't play for a whole day and 1/2. I stopped playing just completely, which is kind of a little sad,

but I didn't want to lose, huh? Interesting. Think about it for a second. I got the thing I wanted and I didn't want to lose. And I'm sure you've seen this in professional sports. Where the team that's ahead. Eventually, Like the Warriors against the Cavs A few years ago, I was heartbreaking, but the words are up. Three games to one. Calves have nothing to lose. And you know what calves just like, had nothing to lose and just played for it. And so it's something that I've been thinking about.

The specific quote that I want to share with you is that Are you playing toe win or are you playing not to lose a lot of the times in our business, specifically or even in our personal life? We played to win, and then when we start winning, we start playing, not to lose. And then that actually helps us lose the game. And so I was just playing Ping Pong. Now I'm sweaty as hell. A Ping Pong is one of the best ports in the world. Very, very athletic. All these Jack guys doing ping pong and women, and so I'm playing Ping Pong and when you start winning like I don't want to lose, but you have to actually go sometimes a little bit more aggressively to be able to finish the game and win. So just as you're thinking about.

I think about this and squash all the time and think about it a lot of times of activities. I want you to think about it where you get to the rank. You got to keep playing to win, and that mantra stays ahead. Are you playing to win or you playing up? So I keep in my head as I'm doing different things like Plato. Win, Plato, Win, Plato, Win, Plato win, Plato win. So hopefully for you as you're doing different activities, you know nothing about how you're playing when I'm not playing, not to lose Joseph Kelly.

You know, I'm saying, Man on squash. I'll see you next week, dawg. All right, Last thing I was in Jewish class. I go on. I'm just learning about Jewish history in Jewish culture with my fiance. She's looking to convert, and so one of things that just happened to me is that I think a lot of this year it's been a hard year for me personally, and everyone has challenges, and that's the second thing I talk about afterwards, as him in the class. I was thinking this year how I'm like looking at the end of the year and I'm waiting for the end of the year. And it kind of dawned on me the specific phrase and it's his life happening to you or you happening to life and it really just struck me.

I was just really, like, connected with that thought, which is, um, I just waiting for things to happen like, Oh, I hope the business gets better. I hope my physical gets better. I hope I get the certain thing or am I going out and making it happen? So, like a specific example, I was talking to Mitchell on the door team recently. I want to get a house in a certain area of Austin and with real estate. How does it generally work 99% time? You wait for what comes on the market and like,

Yeah, that sucks sucks. I don't like that. And so one of the things I said, Well, why don't I just go find the houses I like and send them letters? And maybe in a future episode, if you're interested, I can share more about what I did. But I ended up sending letters to the specific houses, and I did it recently, so we'll find out the results soon. But to me, that is taking power. Which was one of the words I really like me, everybody Adam Gilbert,

for my body to talk about that a lot, which is take power. So instead of life happening to you, you happen to life. You go out and make the things happen. I'm not trying to get all rah rah Tony Robbins on you, but it's just something to think about in whatever category, in your physical and your work in your relationship, whatever it is, how are you making it happen? And that's something that is hard sometimes like I know I make excuses for myself, and I have to remind myself like, Go out and make it happen And it just kind of clicked with me when I was in Jewish class just thinking about that line. So maybe there's something for you and in some aspect and hope it motivates you to go get something for yourself and the last thing I'm gonna end with about notes to myself. I was in bed last night. This is not it's not that central.

Trust me, you don't even with a hairy Jewish monster. And, um, I'm in bed and every night I pray and I do different prayers and, you know, whoever it is up there. I have no idea down there wherever they are. But last night's prayer was all the more interesting ones. I prayed for pain and challenges, and I was like, Yo, where did that come from? I don't know what it means, but I was listening to this guy, Joseph Campbell.

And if you haven't checked out Joseph Campbell on Amazon, Joseph Campbell on the power of the myth, It is a phenomenal syriza's pretty boring, but it's it's dense and his meaty stuff. And one of the things that can he talked about the stuck with me is that pain is part of the process, and pain is an aspect of life that makes us alive. And so I know for myself, I'm avoiding pain and I'm avoiding sadness, and it was interesting to ask for it and be open to it as I prayed last night. So that's definitely something I want to be thinking about. Exploring is like, how am I going in towards pain and challenges? So these are the notes myself. I hope they've helped you and your day right now. Maybe it's later. And I hope I'm listening to this in 10 years.

Been like, you know, man, that was a bad episode. Or unless you don't like, wow that I had some wisdom in him. I'm curious. What other wisdom? I'm gonna get the next 10 years. So let me remind you of some of the things for myself and for you. And I hope they make your date excellent. Which is great. Your own fantasy list for this year. Or for that in the next five years where you wanna be and go crazy. Don't limit yourself. Don't be like Well,

I don't know. I don't have a negative voice on it. Two, Are you training or you playing? Think about Are you training and practicing or are you playing? And there's a big difference between them. Separate those number three. Pick one thing and just get fucking amazing Out of pick your one chess, move your one opening and get unbelievable. Be like J R. Get that one show on the basketball court. Otherwise you're gonna lose to me. J R. Number four reading and studying the strategy to get to the next level. Ifyou're Platt towing and something, go get a coach,

go read some strategy. Go mix it up a bit to go to that next level. Number five Plato win. Don't play. Not to lose. So I stopped because I don't wanna lose my chest rink. But no, you gotta play to win. Keep playing. To win number six. Is life happening to you or you happening to life? Last one. Pain and challenges open up to him. I'm working on that for myself. It's not easy, but we're doing it.

And the words of Jeff Ross, man, I've been thinking about his lines. Ah, lot lately from the earlier episodes and just from his show, Check it out. Thick skin. I really recommend his pockets. It's always funny and positive, but he always ends the show. And I'm gonna end it with this show, which is Life is tough on life is hard, but we're gonna get through it together. I love you guys. I appreciate every single one of you out there. I hope you're having an amazing day and take a bunch of house.

Well, that's a wrapped. I hope you love the episode. If you did send us episode to one of your best friends. Better yet, send me your 2020 fantasy story. That's podcast. Okay, dork dot com. I want to hear what fantasies and crazy stuff, even dirty fantasies. Whatever it is, Send it to me. And I'd be curious what's going on for you and your 2020 and tweet me if as well at Noah Kegan, about your 2020 next text A friend You love them. Yo,

dawg, let's go volunteer somewhere together and a final special thanks to Jason A podcast sector calm as always for making these podcast sounds so nice and clean on your ear drums. And thank you too. Michelle. Seriously, thank you guys so much. And David of the Door team and special shout out to Marco


at upset this week. Just wanna let you know your son have a super fun day.

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