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How would Anthony change their paternity policy now that he understands parenting first-hand?

"Oh, my God, I would double or triple it.

It felt like we created something that was pretty good for a small family owned business. But even at that, it was just not enough, especially for moms. I mean, watching Natalie go through what she went through, they're just super heroes!

Of course, it's hard because, you know, if you're if you're a heavily funded tech company, maybe you can give people six or nine months leave, but when you are client services company and you're depending on creating for your clients, it is a lot harder.

I think people everywhere should just be given more time for their kids, but if they cannot, maternity and paternity program at least need to be flexible, letting people choose when to take their time off, and to take it in chunks.

Mother, mothers should really should be given a proper time off and proper flexibility." ~ Armendariz.