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David Woodland - A Management Consultant in Silicon Valley

David Woodland is currently a Product Manager at Facebook, previously Head of Product at Palm.com and a Product Manager at Pebble. He is a father of 4, and a Management Consultant who found product-building life in Silicon Valley to be way more attractive than spreadsheets.

On this episode we talk about his work and life balance, what it was like to work at Pebble, how his consulting career prepared him to be a great product manager and a tinkerer, how a team of 12 can launch a bran new smart phone from scratch, how David got Stephen Curry, his childhood hero, to be the face of their company, and lastly, what it was like for him to be a Mormon in Silicon Valley.

Updated on July 14

Key Smash Notes In This Episode


As an M&A consultant at Google, David immediately knew he was most interested in the technology, and not the spreadsheets behind it. He quickly switched to the "Innovation Consulting" group in his firm, and started getting a fantastic exposure into a multitude of interesting tech projects.

Yearning to be hands on with the technology he was advising, David Woodland joined Pebble.


Consulting could be an incredible place to start a career, being exposed to higher level problems than a new grad would be working on in a large corporation.

Consulting could be a spring-board of opportunity, but each person has to find their own way to leverage their experience to leap into the next phase.

Whatever you do, keep your mind open and think about the work you are exposed to beyond the task at hand.


Although personally no longer religious, David says that religion provides a framework for many people and generally leads to good things. There is no reason to tear down a religion if it gives someone happiness.

Now that he is no longer a Mormon but his wife is, it sometimes causes hiccups in their family, but they work thorough it with patience and understanding they would with other issues.


Stephen Curry was David's childhood basketball hero. David was following Steph closely and knew that he was into tech, and invested. Eventually, David was able to connect with Curry's agent, got Steph's interest, and fairly soon their partnership was on.


David is a 10x family man. He works hard but always finds the time for his kids. If you plan for family time, block off your calendar, and design your day around it, you can make it work.

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