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What is a typical day for The Expeditioners ?

"I'd all depends where we are and what we're doing. We just spent three and 1/2 months crossing Canada with a Jeep gladiator truck and an stream. So those typical days are more along the lines of: wake up, stoke the fire, make some coffee, take some photos, take videos, get the kids ready, play with them for a while, make them breakfast, and then hit whatever adventure activity that we're planning on doing that day or distance that we're planning on driving.

The schedule depends on which trip we're on, which constantly changes. If we're in Turks and Caicos, then that is usually: wake up, do a little social media, breakfast, get the kids ready and go kite surfing for the rest of the day. So it all depends on where where we are in the world.

Today I woke up, took the little one to preschool, then the nanny came over by 11 and then wife and I went skiing for the rest of the day. That was a hard day's work."