Oleksiy Kovyrin. Postpartum depression in dads.
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The conventional wisdom will make you feel like that is the only way, but for some parents it might not be the case. For various reasons a child might cause physical and emotional pain, and it takes time to get over it; years for some. The best thing you can do to get through this faster is to talk with your significant other.

It might feel overwhelming, and depends on your situation, you might find yourself less than excited about the arrival of your child. Thing you enjoy doing in life, life travel or sleep, might get rudely interrupted and put on hold for a long while. It happens to dads and moms everywhere, causing a lot of emotional problems, but this subject is rarely discussed publicly, and even your friend are unlikely to share until you have a child of your own.

It is difficult when adjusting to someone else taking up your free time. Sometimes a parent's joy in their child's experiences doesn't always mean the parent is having fun.

Just talking to your little one, hearing their opinions and feelings, is so interesting to see the human that you are helping develop.

You are not alone. There are others who most likely have similar feelings to you.

There is a lot of worry about every single problem. Take the pressure off of yourself and don't worry as much. There is enough stress as is with lack of sleep, disruptions in lifestyle, etc. Just focus on your child, the present moment, and the core responsibilities of helping them thrive.

It is convenient, especially in a child's first years, to have quick accessibility to help with different situations that arise.

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