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Rad Dad, hosted by Kirill Zubovsky on Smash Notes

🌑 Oleksiy Kovyrin. Post-pardum depression in dads, how to spot and what to do about it.

Rad Dad, hosted by Kirill Zubovsky

When Oleksiy’s daughter was first born, he didn’t feel the love for his child. Quite the opposite, he felt that his daughter was a new source of problems. Full of this difficult thoughts and busy at work, he was unable to share them with anyone, even his wife.


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Are you supposed to love your child unconditionally from the moment she arrives?

The conventional wisdom will make you feel like that is the only way, but for some parents it might not be the case. For various reasons a child might cause physical and emotional pain, and it takes time to get over it; years for some. The best thing you can do to get through this faster is to talk with your significant other.

What does it feel like to have a brand new child?

Time is definitely less. All personal fun projects have to be put on a back burner so that family and work can take priority for a little while. It helps to put any priority tasks on a calendar, to at least keep yourself organized and focused.

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