Jason Calacanis: TikTok should be banned, Tim Cook doesn't have enough "chutzpah," and Uber will be fine
Recode Decode, hosted by Kara Swisher

If you give great founders with vision a lot of runaway, they are going to take it.

Jason Calacanis, an early investor into Uber, explains that massive amount of private money enabled Uber to grow rapidly in the early days, ignoring some of the realities at the expense of getting to scale.

Once they IPO'ed, the company had to switch from focus on massive growth, to focus on profitability. It was a big shift, and it will take time to transition.

However, as long as they can differentiate, and people love their product, they will figure out how to adjust their margins to give public markets what they need.

Jason thinks that micro mobility is the future but it does not stand on its own, bikes and scooters are going to become a free/low cost offering from bigger players like Uber, and that's it.

Jason Calacanis says that lower orbit satellites have the potential to connect another 1-2 billion people to the internet, which would be huge for SpaceX future.

Jason thinks Bezos continuous to grind people for optimization in situations when he does not need to.

Instead of being generous to low-wage employees, he overworks them. Instead of helping out a struggling city, he strings them along, and then still puts Amazon HQ2 in a city that does not need any more support.

If you are the richest man in the world, it might be a good time to stop grinding and to start giving, like the Gates family did when they were at the top of the list.

According to Jason Calacanis, Capitalism and entrepreneurship is the best system to run humanity, but people are starting to hate it right now.

The solution to that is for people who have benefited the most from this system to start behaving better to people who have the least. Stop grinding people on the margins and be generous where it matters.

According to Jason Calacanis, inability to make good money from facts and unbiased reporting has driven journalists to pick sides and to focus on click-bait headlines.

If it comes down to Bernie Sanders vs Trump, it would be a very hard choice for a lot of people in Silicon Valley to vote for Bernie, and Bloomberg could be the solution to it.

Childcare is exhausting and to better as a society, we need to enable everyone to access great education, even if they cannot afford it.

Dexter Learning is a self-paced school out of Texas that aiming to get private school education affordable enough to the top-70% of people.

Kara tells her kids to skip "all the stupid homework" because in the workplace nobody cares for it.

Soon everyone would be able to invest in private companies before IPO, enabling your everyday normal people to benefit from the crazy growth potential of companies like Uber and Airbnb.

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