Air Pollution: An Unclear and Present Danger
Science Talk
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What are potential health effects of air pollution? 00:38

Air pollution kills seven million people globally every year. It is not just causing asthma attacks, but, also heart attacks, strokes, and premature birth.


What is indoor air pollution? 11:06

Allegedly, "indoor air pollution" is a cause of air pollution in the developing countries, created from dirty cooking fires. Although by itself a very small contributor, it has a large impact in places where the majority of population is causing it.


Why is China getting significantly better in their pollution levels? 13:00

A few years ago China started to invest heavily into lowering their levels of pollution by reducing coal usaging and ramping up renewables, which is already seeing a significant impact vs. those countries that haven't.


What is the PM25 pollution measurement? 15:32

PM 2.5 refers to the size of the particle 2.5 microns in size. It is very, very tiny, and completely invisible. These particles have very powerful health impacts as they penetrate all the way into our bodies.


Why does air pollution disproportionately affect poor people? 16:41

The levels of pollution you get could be inversely correlated to your income. Cheaper neighborhoods would be located closer to pollution, leaving wealthier citizens with better air.

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