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#239 Dr. Kishore Nannapaneni, Dr. Patrick Schwientek - Fresh Breath Probiotics
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What are fresh breath probiotics? 01:20

It is a new product of Oralta that will be officially available this December on their website. It's a tablet that has a slight minty flavor that contains 5 probiotic bacterias designed to address the root cause of bad breath. Mints and gum only mask bad breath, not solve the problem of it.


How does someone become interested in the study of breath? 02:13

Dr. Kishore Nannapaneni started as an engineer in India, then went to the University of Iowa for his PhD. He earned his degrees in computer science, but had always wanted to do biology. Later on, he read a book where biology studies needed computer programmers to understand genome projects, which inspired him to take the biology route.

For Dr. Patrick Schwientek, he was born and earned his degrees in Germany. After he finished his Ph.D., he went to California, and later became a colleague of Dr. Nannapanemi. It’s started with adding healthy bacteria to plant eco-soil ecosystems. Now, it’s seeing how it can be applied to humans.


What is the average number of species in a human microbiome? 07:56

Individually in a mouth, a human microbiome has an average over about 700 different species. Overall, there’s a few thousand within the microbiome.


What does a healthy oral microbiome look like? 09:25

There is not one specific target state with having a number of microbes to indicate a healthy microbiome. There are infinite numbers of states that could exist. It’s easy to see what disease states usually have in common, which there are over a number of detrimental bacterias.


What inspired the research of the oral microbiome? 11:09

Dr. Schwientek was frustrated with having cavities even though he carried out proper oral health routines. He thought that since he does this as a living to figure out what are the healthy microbes for plants, he questioned why scientists weren’t doing this for the oral microbiome. At first, it was due to self-interest to improve his own situation. Then, the idea grew much bigger.


What are some top oral diseases? 11:41

About 95% of Americans suffer from some sort of oral condition. Some top oral conditions are tooth decay, gum disease, and bad breath. For each three diseases, there is a different microbiome that causes these conditions.


What is one common oral bacteria? 12:45

Everyone has streptococcus mutans, but it’s the certain presence of other bacterias that makes it pathogenic to potentially cause other mouth disease conditions.


What does our tongue look like at a microscopic level? 14:57

It is a very rough surface with little crevices. If you use mouthwash, you will never be able to remove all the bacterias because they always hide deep down in the crevices and regrow.


What happens whenever we brush our teeth? 17:15

We are removing what’s on the surfaces of our teeth and tongue. We make space for other bacteria, and are not letting some of the bacteria outgrow one another to become pathogenic. When using a probiotic, they are quicker in ensuring that the bad bacterias are not inhabiting the oral space.


How is our microbiome unique? 21:52

Every microbiome is unique like a fingerprint. The difference is that a fingerprint stays with you throughout your lifetime. The microbiome is constantly evolving and changing depending what you put in your mouth, whether you sleep with your mouth open, and many other lifestyle choices.


How is it proven that the fresh breath probiotics work for most people? 23:17

The probiotics are specifically designed to target the known strains that cause bad breath. Regardless of your conditions, there’s a high probability that the probiotics will prevail against your bacterial conditions.


How do you measure having bad breath? 23:53

There are various reasons for bad breath to distinguish from eating food that causes it. For each condition, there is a core microbiome that differentiates bacteria for certain disease conditions. For the rest, that is just the microbiome that causes the conditions in which the doctors are targeting.


How often do we need to take fresh breath probiotics? 25:51

They are chewable tablets that should be taken twice a day, morning and evening. You must avoid eating and drinking for 30 minutes to let the tablet dissolve for 2-4 minutes, depending on the amount of saliva you have. It takes 2 weeks to see effective results.


Do you have to be tested to take these probiotics? 26:34

No, you don’t have to be tested to take these probiotics. They are labeled as a dietary supplements. It’s an acknowledged class of the FDA, but it is not a drug.


How does bad breath negatively impact people? 32:02

It’s a serious issue that affects our social, personal, and professional lives. You only know it if you experience it. It causes major psychological effects and self-esteem issues.


How will receiving saliva samples benefit oral research? 36:29

Oralta will offer customers an opportunity to send a saliva sample to their lab. Doctors will be able to use the samples to design new therapeutics and redefine current probiotics. They also want to learn about the people who send their samples because they reveal customers' habits that lead to the states of their microbiomes to correlate with health status and habits.


Why can’t people eat or drink for 30 minutes after taking the probiotic? 39:28

Ideally, they recommend to take the tablet after their oral hygiene routine to let it dissolve. Then, you should sleep right away to let the good bacteria rehydrate in a dominate state. They will go through modes of action to fight the bad bacteria, which takes time.


When is the most ideal time to take the probiotic? 40:47

The most ideal time is to take it before you go to bed because it gives the good bacterias 6-8 hours to grow and colonize the mouth. You actually wake up in the morning feeling clean due to the good bacterias.


What’s the best way to test if you have bad breath? 41:20

Most people try to smell their own breath, which has been proven to be inefficient. What you really want to do is lick the palm of your hand and wait about 20 seconds, then smell.


What is halitosis? 42:38

It is the medical term for bad breath.