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July 10, 2019 - Existential dread, screen time, drugs and venture capital.

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What does Sahil Lavingia think about the purpose of life? 00:50

The way we are living now is not much different than we have been living for thousands of years. We might think we are special, and each one of us is so individually different, but on a grand scheme of things, that's simply not true.

If you choose to work on something, make sure it's important to you, and if you choose to work so hard you might die, do be sure it's worth dying for.

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Who are the investors specifically investing in female entrepreneurs ? 06:34

Jonathan Sposato from Seattle is one of the good guys who made a decision to invest only in women entrepreneurs because unlikely the while guys, women are getting a fraction of attention. Even so, no good deed is left unpunished, and Jonathan is getting flame for his choices.

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How do you get the best investments? 10:48

According to Josh Wolfe, co-founder of Lux Capital, you get the best deals if you are right before everyone else recognizes it.

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How much screen time does @DHH give to his kids? 14:01

According to DHH, his kids can have as much screen time as they want because scarcity only builds desire, and once he's let kids watch all the TV and to play all the video games, they got bored and found other activities. The key here is to have other activities available so that once kids are ready, they do have something more interesting to do than just play games or to watch TV.

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Can cigarettes give you cancer? 17:00

Yes. Cigarettes cause cancer is a pretty undisputed fact, and yet many people might not realize it's not just the lung cancer. Chemicals from smoking cigarettes don't discriminate and destroy your body all over: from skin, to internal organs, to your reproductive system.

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How much coffee is too much? 20:30

20 cups of coffee can kill you, but it's very unlikely that you can consume so much coffee at once. Turns out though, caffeine comes in pure powder form. A tablespoon is enough to kill you.

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Happiness: Sahil Lavingia is the founder of Gumroad, a company that helps creatives make money from their passion. Sahil has gone from being the second employee at Pinterest, to being featured on Forbes 30 Under 30, to living in a small town in Utah with a failing startup and fading glory in hands. All of that has taught him a thing or two about life, and the universe.  Conclusion? Life is a series of distractions from existential dread.
Startups: Jonathan Sposato is a Seattle-based entrepreneur, and the only founder to have ever sold two companies to Google. He has been a local investor and leader for a number of years, and at one point decided he would only be investing in women entrepreneurs.
What makes women entrepreneurs so special?

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Education & Parenting: How much screen time is too much for your kids? There has been a lot of articles lately talking about screen time, how awful it is for the kids, and how rich people actually don't let their kids do any of it. But, one successful millionaire has a very different view. David Heinemeier Hansson thinks it's okay to let kids have as much screen time, as they want. He might be right, what do you think?
Health and Fitness: Did you know cigarettes are really bad for you? Yup, cigarettes give you cancer! But did you know that  coffee can kill you too? 
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