A love story about the power of art as organizing | Aja Monet and phillip agnew
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How did art and organizing become the answer to anger and anxiety? 01:50

Philip Agnew and his group of friends created a movement and traveled around the world, and to Palestine in 2015. Aja Monet found her way to books and poems.


What did poetry reveal to Aja Monet? 02:32

During the impact of Hurricane Katrina, she discovered the impact of poetry. Poetry revealed to her that it was a way for people to not only articulate their feelings, but a way to work toward change and do something about it.


How did Philip help Aja ? 04:42

As the exterior world exhibited so much sadness and grief, Aja sought community. When she met Philip, he brought so much love, truth, and joy in her life, and he pulled her out of isolation.


What are communities and relationships really all about? 04:53

They aren't just about building great movements, but they are fundamental to create powerful, meaningful art. Neither can be done in solitude.


What is art? 05:23

Art is organizing. It is also an anchor, not an accessory to movement. Art possesses rhythmic communication, coded emotional cues, and improvised feelings of critical thought.


What truly moves people? 07:18

Laws never change culture, but culture always changes laws. Data rarely moves people, but great art always does.


How should the heart be measured? 10:11

By what is done, not what one feels. Art as organizing is not only concerned about artists’ intentions, but their actual impact. Great art is a dialogue, not a monologue.

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