A personal air-quality tracker that lets you know what you're breathing | Romain Lacombe
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What is the solution to air pollution ? 00:21

One day, while out for a run, Romain Lacombe realized that all the emissions that pose long-term environment risks are also the same pollutants that are causing health issues today, and in order to fight for the future, we need to fix the present first.


How do we protect ourselves from air pollution? 01:38

The way we monitor air quality today has been designed to measure and control industrial pollution, and it lacks the flexibility and granularity necessary to understand our daily exposure.

To address this challenge, Romain and his team at Plume Labs created Flow, a personal pollution tracker that can explain the air around you, at the exact time you measure it.


What role does technology play in combating climate change? 05:17

Technology alone with not solve climate change or make the pollutants disappear overnight, but it can make the situation much more transparent, and thereby empower people to improve their own health, today.

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