How to stop swiping and find your person on dating apps | Christina Wallace
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What does online dating do well? 00:53

It broadens your pool of potential dates beyond your existing social and professional circles.


What does online dating not do so well? 00:59

Literally everything else.


What are three things an inbound message should have? 02:25

For Christina Wallace, she says that the message should be written in complete sentences and good grammar, had to reference something in her online dating profile, and it had to avoid all sexual content.


What is the zero date? 02:58

Christina invented the zero date. Meaning, she would have one drink for one hour, and with the goal of answering one question: would she like to have dinner with this person?


What is the takeaway with online dating? 04:51

It doesn’t have to suck. The point isn’t swiping, it’s finding your person. Don’t treat it like a game, and don’t treat it like a resume or review. Instead, use it to source and qualify leads, and then get offline as quickly as possible with a zero date.

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