The secret to scientific discoveries? Making mistakes | Phil Plait
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What is one big misconception about science regarding how it works and what it is? 00:37

A big misconception is that science is just a big pile of facts. Science is actually a process and a way of thinking. Gathering facts is only a piece of it, not the ultimate goal.


What is the ultimate goal of science? 00:58

The ultimate goal of science it to understand objective reality based on evidence.


What is one of science’s strengths and weaknesses? 03:19

It’s done by people. We understand the universe well due to science. However, its weakness is that it's done by people! We bring a lot of baggage along with us when we investigate. We are egotistical, stubborn, superstitious, and tribal. We must be aware of this when studying science and developing a thesis.


What is part of the process of the scientific method? 03:58

Part of the process of science is the price of admitting when you are wrong.


What scientific discovery occured in 1995? 09:51

A planet was found orbiting a star like the sun. Observatories were designed to seek for more of these planets. Today, thousands have been found orbiting a star.

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