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The Bangkok Podcast | Conversations on Life in Thailand's Buzzing Capital podcast.

Greg Jorgensen and Ed Knuth have been knocking around Bangkok since the turn of the century. Exploring its dark corners, eating its amazing food, and interacting with its fascinating people, the two have gotten to know and love the Big Mango in all its awful, magnificent glory.

Every week they chat about topics near and dear to those living here, those visiting here, or those who are just curious about what it's like to live in Asia's craziest city.

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Landing in Bangkok,  finding a job and fitting into a new life isn't easy, but finding the right apartment is often the most challenging thing to do. With a city as big as Bangkok, it can be a confusing, frustrating and tiring experience. On this episode, Tony and Greg talk about the nuances of finding the right apartment and the shortcuts they've taken in the past to explore the housing market and what it offers. They also give a few tips on what to look for on your search, as many of the 'little details' of renting here are not the same as they are in your home country.

Tony also talks about his continuing lucky streak with taxi drivers and the money they keep returning to him, while Greg remembers a particular ride when a taxi driver thought a tip that was 110% of the fare seemed appropriate.

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