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May 10, 2020

From large funding rounds, acquisitions, and a constant stream of success stories coming out of startups, it is often hard to see why almost 90% of them fail. The Failory Podcast dives deep on this notion and uncovers the lessons today’s successful founders learned at previous ventures so that you can avoid similar pitfalls and apply winning strategies to your business from the get-go.

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Bernard Huang (@bernardjhuang) is the Co-founder at Clearscope, a profitable SaaS product used by companies to get written content performance. He is a driven entrepreneur who has used his creative capabilities to launch many startups, including Mushi Labs, Mosec, and Food By People. On this episode of the Failory Podcast, find out how this once online professional poker player became a co-owner at a Dickey’s Barbecue Pit, and how his life and projects have led him to Co-found Clearscope.

Updated on April 28

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