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Scott Mc Leod Of Resident, Creators Of Nectar Sleep, Saw 500% Growth With 99% Remote Staff + More.

Scott McLeod, founding member and Chief of Staff at Resident, creators of Nectar Sleep, saw 500% growth despite 99% of their staff being remote. I push hard to find out the critical remote-first workplace lessons they've learned.

All Show Topics: 1:34 - Do you own your data? Did you know USPS sells your data? 18:18 - Scott McLeod of Resident disagrees with my WFH opinion. 49:47 - Burnout isn't a problem with hours worked. It's about how you manage. 58:00 - Does racism mean anything anymore or has it lost its potency? We need to act.

Updated on July 06

Key Smash Notes In This Episode


According to USPS marketing, affordable targeting advertising is available to promote your small business to local community. EDDM can help you sell mail and flyers to the right customers. Using US Census data, you can use postal office tools to segment customers based on zip code, neighborhoods, age, income, and household size.

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