How To Be A Dad, Part 5 (Season 9, Ep 10)
The Modern Mann
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Is it fun to be moving houses? 04:22

Moving houses is the most stressful experiences ever. Dust everywhere, boxes everywhere, dust. Your parents might offload a load of your old stuff, so now you'd have to figure out a way to deal with that crap too.


How can you get your DNA sampled and what are the benefits? 07:35

There are DIY kids from multiple different companies. They send you a kit, you spit into the tube, and they eventually email you a link to your results. There are some concerns with privacy when doing it, as you don't know what happens to your DNA once submitted, and unless you specifically request a deletion, they keep it on file forever. The positives, you could also match up to some relatives around the world you might have. Some doctors are skeptical about these tests because most other "science" given to you is not actually accurate and also incredibly broad. Most of the time it does not mean anything.


How did The Modern Man podcast start? 19:56

Back in 2015 all three of the podcast hosts learned they were going to become parents and so they decided to document their impending fears of fatherhoods, birthds, and the following adventure of being parents.


How are you sleeping as a new parent with a baby with reflux? 48:07

The swing or a car seat is a good place for your child to sleep in if you have to keep them upright. Compromise and put them at an angle. You can also elevate their mattress a little to make them feel cradled.


What is it like to have a second baby? 22:21

It is like finding yourself at a start line of a marathon all over again? You have to put up with all the different phases of naps, the diapers...etc. Your baby is once again learning to be a baby.


Can you play with your children too much? 26:03

You could cause great harm to your children by overstimulating them all the time. Kids need down time as much as you do. Also, your kids will end up expecting what you do with them , so if you are used to drawing with your child, he would want you to continue drawing with him as he gets older, instead of doing that activity on his own.