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Stuck @ Om with Bijan Sabet, Spark Capital

Om Malik and Bijan Sabet discuss the impact of the Coronavirus on humanity, the economics impact, massive layoffs, the fear of a deep recession and how to get through all of it without losing your mind.

Updated on April 21

Key Smash Notes In This Episode


Bijan Sabet says that only a month before the start of the pandemic Americans were willifying the idea of a universal health insurance, but a month into it, the idea that a catastrophic event should be covered whether or not you can afford it, it does not sound so bad anymore.

In a similar way, however tragic 9/11 was, we bonded as a country and became more patriotic afterwards.

He is hoping that Covid19 is going to cause the society, perhaps the world, to become more compassionate to each other, and that compassion will stick with us for many years afterwards.

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Bijan is actively working to help his companies extend their runway. It is unlikely that new money is going to flow into startup in the next 6-18 months and the founders have to adjust. Whatever their plan was for this year, it's got to be a new plan now.


Om thinks that too many people are pretending to be experts on everything. Instead, he says it's okay to come to terms with not knowing, and to let actual experts to solve certain problems.

Bijan speculates that people are trying to have a conversation about the problems at hand, speculating on a solution, and it just does not come across in the right away.

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