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Robbie Pottharst @ Cityblock Health - Community Leadership

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Who is Robbie Pottharst? 00:49

Robbie grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana and went to college in Virginia. He double majored in economics and biology on a pre-med track, and became a healthcare economist. Currently, he is the VP of business development at CareMore Health System. He decided to help build and launch a rapidly expanding Medicaid primary care in several states.


What is one healthcare goal? 05:04

For Robbie his goal is to pursue a career to help lead change in the healthcare industry, and also is focusing on his efforts to help serve people who live in low income communities.


What are some things that encourage people in their career? 05:39

What drives Robbie's career focus is when members tell him that they’ve received attention like never before. He has been told that no one has taken time like Robbie and his team have to help them. Care teams are able to practice in ways they never could, and they are all making tangible impacts on people’s lives.


What are some areas of opportunity for low income communities in need? 06:52

Low income communities are one of their biggest challenges. One way of solving these problems is uniting primary care, behavioral health, and social care in a new way that brings a new experiences to people that live in low income communities.


Why is there an overlap of social health factors that are piquing so much attention? 08:23

Robbie's team had hoped that ways of integrating social care would have come sooner. They hope to provide things such as food, shelter, financial security, and a few other things to help improve people’s lives. It needs to become synonymous with health care delivery in order to make an impact.


What is a health vision for the future? 10:40

Robbie hopes to see a shift in preventative care systems. Along with structrual shifts, he wants to see payment models that reflect high quality care in value replace traditional service models. He thinks one change will be how primary care is delivered, which is the foundation of a healthy care system. He hopes it’ll look different and better address patient needs.


What do you do on a daily and weekly basis to stay healthy? 12:40

Robbie's main grounding point is his family. He’s also working on a startup company. For enrichment, he listens to various podcasts. In terms of daily rituals, he makes his schedule and prioritizes important things.

Episode Description

Join us today as we speak with Robbie Pottharst from Cityblock Health about community leadership.

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