Silicon Valley Does Not Care About Female Founders (Guest: Lisa Fetterman, Founder/CEO, Nomiku)
This is Your Life in Silicon Valley
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When you picture a founder, who do you picture? 00:39

Usually when comes to mind, it’s a white man because that’s the appearance we’ve all grown accustomed to in pop culture. In this podcast, Lisa Fetterman will make you rethink of who a startup founder is.


Who is Lisa Fetterman? 01:02

She is a female founder who invented Nomiku, the first home sous vide immersion circulator.


Why does Lisa Fetterman say that Silicon Valley does not care about female founders? 04:36

Lisa says that only 38% of companies are run by women, led by women, and only 2% got funding last year-- which is down from 3%.


Why are there less female founders? 05:28

It's because of unseen biases. People are not used to seeing women as leaders; therefore, they cannot imagine it. Silicon Valley is the magnification of the status quo.


What are some things that every man in any industry should stop or start doing immediately? 14:50

Men should not demean women. They should start listening to women and what they have to say. What men should start doing is back women like they would back their male friend and give them the benefit of the doubt. Also, they should start thinking of the possibilities of what can go right with a female founder.


What is the biggest technology ever for cooking? 23:32

Fire! Ever since its discovery, we are just trying to control it.


What kind of discussions should listeners have as a takeaway from this podcast? 28:35

The number one topic discussed is funding and how to obtain it. It's at 2% for female founders. How to change it? The simple solution is to fund them.