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This Won't Hurt A Bit

In this episode we break down two understudied, but frequently experienced, phenomena: Farts and Hiccups. We cover what’s normal and what’s not, throw around big words like “flatogenicity” and “singultus,” and ask important questions like “can lighting a fart make your butt explode?” We also learn about the longest hiccup bout ever, why Mel refuses to eat vegetables, and more!

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Smash Notes summary for this episode

What is a hiccup?

It's actually in a whole set of nerves that cause a reflex arc where you have this sudden breathing inward. Then, your glottis closes, which makes the initial hiccup sound.

What does the term “singultus” mean?

It's the medical term for what we commonly refer to as hiccups. It's from Latin, and means: a speech broken by sobs.

What's the longest that someone has had hiccups?

One man's hiccups lasted for 68 eight years, ending shortly before his death.

What is an intractable hiccup?

You have to be hiccuping for over 48 hours. Anything less would be known as a hiccup bout.

What causes burping?

It's because you have gas in your intestines and it has to come out. Based on loose data from the 1970s, you have between 30 to 200 milliliters in your gastrointestinal tract at any given time.

What are the ingredients of a fart?

There are a lot of gases. Most are the same that can be found in the air. There’s bacteria in your gut that creates gas. There has to be some methane in your gas that makes a fart flammable. Only one third of people produce methane. Both methane and hydrogen are flammable, but only methane will produce a blue flame when lit.

What are some foods that contain gas?

An apple is 20% gas. The "fartiest" foods are milk, onions, carrots, beans, and bananas.

Why are beans one of the most gassy foods?

It’s because the stuff that forms the outer layer of the vegetables are complex carbohydrates that your enzymes may not be able to break down on your own. So, you rely on your intestines to help you break it down.

Normally, how many times does someone fart a day?

A study revealed that people fart about 20 times a day.