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What are foods you can get food poisoning from? 02:12

Besides raw eggs and fish, you can get food poisoning from any food ranging from a cow to a cucumber to a candy bar.


Is it actually the Staphylococcus aureus bacteria that makes us sick? 02:58

No. It's actually the toxins that hurt us. More than likely, we are eating Staph all the time. If they're small amounts that aren’t producing a lot of toxin and hasn’t been sitting there at room temperature for a long period of time for the bacteria to grow to produce the toxin, you will not get enough of it to hurt you.


What happens when you ingest the harmful toxin? 05:40

Once it gets in your stomach and goes to your intestinal cells, it activates the sensors in your brain to tell you to vomit and poop a lot— without any warning— to rid your body of the toxins.


What does cooking your food protect you from? 07:21

It protects you from most bacteria and toxin, but this doesn’t work with Staph because it is heat resistance. Some studies show you have to heat your food up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit for over 10 minutes before the Staph breaks down.


Is E. coli harmful to us? 10:48

In general, E. coli is good for us, and our bodies are full of E. coli. Certain strains can be problematic because they can have toxins that make us sick, but this is not the type of food poisoning to make us really, really sick. There will be a battle between the good and bad strains of E. coli in your gut.


What is the super power of E. coli? 11:14

They have the ability to break down your intestinal wall, get into your bloodstream, and make toxin in you.


How does bad E. coli end up in our food? 11:39

For example, during the slaughtering and processing of a cow, when a little gut flora is thrown in the mix, it’s in your hamburger. As you take a bite, this harmful E. coli has the ability to attach to your intestinal wall, replicate, and invade into the tissues that line your gut. Then, it’ll produce toxins that can kill your intestinal cells.


Is it safer to grind your own meat? 15:00

It could be safer to grind your own steak, wash the outside of it, flush all the E. coli off, and make sure everything else is clean. It may be much safer grinding your own than from these other food processing companies.


Is it true that Gatorade is the best drink to rehydrate you? 25:21

It’s not the best fluid solution because it has too much salt and sugar in it. People say to dilute half of it with water to rehydrate yourself. By taking tiny sips, you’ll get enough fluids to prevent a trip to the ER.


How can we avoid food poisoning? 27:04

Food preparation is crucial. Keep your cooking area clean. When you cook stuff, don’t put it back with the raw stuff. If you’re traveling, boil it, peel it yourself, cook it, or forget it.

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