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How do you get SARS-CoV-2 ?

Most people would get it through their nose and throat. So somebody is sick, and they sneeze or cough, and all that virus gets fired into the air. And this is a virus that sort of lives in the little droplets that you spray out and floats around.

Now, this virus is also probably also present in blood, and it might actually might also be present in your poopy.

Mostly though you would get it through respiratory droplets. So if you also sneeze onto a surface, then all of that fluid from your disgusting upper airway goes under the surface. So if some other unfortunate person comes by, and puts their hand on on that surface and then rubs their eye or sucks their thumb or whatever it is, then they can get the virus too.

It's more infectious than flu, but it's much less infectious than something like measles. If you have measles and you go in a room with like 10 people just by breathing, the measles virus goes up in the air and it stays there for ever, and it's very infectious and you'll infect like seven out of 10 people. This one is much less infectious in that, and that's good. So you can get it from other people.