Three Sides to Every Story [3]
To Live and Die in LA
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What is interesting about a British Colombian study that took place? 00:00

Found at 1:15:

For week one, a girl states she cannot remember the fight. By the third week, she could recall the fight and its details. What’s interesting is that this incident never happened. The researchers had implanted a false memory, or false belief. They just needed to speak to the subject a few times for this to happen.


What happens if a person doesn’t have subjective proof? 02:48

Similar to the false memory research study, that means that even the most vivid memories might have never happened.


What happened a week before Adea disappeared? 07:45

She and Chris were in an argument. He got in his truck and locked the door. She then jumps into the bed of his truck and they left the garage. This appears like a case of false memory syndrome because the tipster matched this day with Adea’s disappearance.


Did Adea really go to Sacramento with Chris for his uncle’s funeral? 10:03

It turns out that his uncle isn’t dead. Chris’ dad states how the situation doesn’t make sense.


What was Chris’ acting video about? 11:47

He was stating that he if he was going to pick up the gun, made a sacrifice, his life would have been given back to him.


What did some surveillance footage reveal? 12:58

There is surveillance footage that shows Chris and Adea leaving her apartment on a Friday afternoon at 1:20 PM. According to Chris’ father, Chris arrived in Sacramento around 7 PM that evening without Adea.


Why is Chris creating multiple stories instead of helping people find Adea? 18:59

His attorney said that Chris is running because Adea went missing, and that he is afraid of her family. Supposedly, her dad is affiliated with the Albanian mob.


What are the various stories that Chris has told people? 20:55

The first story is that he went to her apartment and broke up with her. Adea was then saying how she was going to hurt herself. The second story is that she had to go to Chris’ uncle’s funeral. The third story is that they were going to Magic Mountain, but he dropped her off after their fight.


Who is the only person that seems to be cooperating with Strauss and the others about the case? 25:59

Chris’ father. Everyone else seems to be protecting Chris.


Where is Chris Spotz? 26:45

A company can ping someone’s phone with using just their number, even when the phone is turned off. It is said that Chris is in Santa Monica. Strauss then goes to the address to see if he can speak with Chris. He was only one mile away from him.