Toxic Love [4]
To Live and Die in LA
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Who does Strauss see at the apartment? 03:13

From the address he's given, he sees a guy that’s walking out on the balcony, then walking back in. He looks to be in his late 20s with black or dark brown hair. He is said to be around Chris’ height.


What is one piece of information retrieved from Adea’s phone? 05:54

It was a video of Adea and Chris fighting in the garage of her apartment building, which was filmed three days before her disappearance. They were both filming each other in the videos.


When did Chris and Adea get together? 08:50

They get together for the first time on Wednesday, September 20, 2017. They were working on a scene from a play in her apartment. For the next two months, he visits her apartment frequently.


What is the bombshell that Adea drops on her friends? 10:53

They could have possibly been pregnant. She was happy about the possibility of carrying Chris’ child.


What is the first indication of Chris’ suspicious behavior? 12:09

When Adea loses her phone, her Find My iPhone shows it to be in Chris' house. He claims that she must have dropped it in his car.


What did Adea not notice as Chris returned her keys? 14:09

She tells a friend that Chris returns her keys, but he took her apartment keys off Adea’s key ring— possibly to make a copy of them.


Why did Adea message Mary? 16:17

She states that she needs to urgently talk to her about Chris. She then parks outside of the house where Chris and Mary live, and stays there for hours, all while calling him multiple times.


What happens when Chris and Adea see a movie? 17:19

Halfway through the movie, Chris says that his uncle has had a heart attack and is in a hospital in Sacramento. When Chris leaves, Adea notices that her phone is missing again.


What is one significant clue that Adea left behind? 20:52

A note with Mary’s phone number.


What was clear about Chris and Adea’s relationship? 21:26

It was spiraling out of control for both of them because it was turning violent. All of a sudden, she and Chris are getting along two days before she disappears.


What makes matters worse for Strauss? 24:09

Aside from no apartment activity or signs of Chris, Chris may be using a different phone since the PI cannot get any pings from Chris' phone.


What was LAPD doing about Adea's case? 24:26

They had 200 people searching an area. There were cell phone pings that showed that Chris stopped at that location for 40 minutes— a potential location to dispose a body.