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Episode 35: David Carson / World Renowned Graphic Designer / Art Director

David Carson is considered by many to be one of the most influential graphic designers in the world.  From his early days with Transworld Skateboard Magazine, to his days at Ray Gun Magazine, to the work he's done for some of the biggest corporations in the world, David has always been leading the charge to push the limits of design.  On this episode of the podcast we get the opportunity to sit down with the legendary designer and talk about growing up in California, his pro surfing career, and what made him leave a secure teaching job to become a graphic designer.   Whether you think you know David's work or not, you've most likely been around it and even influenced by it.  It was his cutting edge typography and "out of the box" ideas on design that began to create the graphic aesthetic that would come to represent skateboarding and so much of the southern Californian culture and would go on to find it's way into branding all over the world.  David grew up surfing at a young age and soon found he had what it took at the time to become a nationally ranked pro on the competition circuit.  After graduating from college with a degree in Sociology, David went on to work jobs in the surf industry before settling down as a teacher at a prestigious school.  But it would be a chance encounter with a graphic design seminar that would end up changing his life and pointing him down the path towards a creative career.  On this episode we talk about  how he approaches each design job, what it takes to make it in the creative world, what he feels sets a good photographer's work apart from others, and what he thinks of the current state of design.  So sit back and enjoy this two hour conversation with David Carson. 

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