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Episode 58: Michael Christopher Brown / Documentarian And Conflict Photographer

Photographer and Documentarian Michael Christopher Brown joins us on the show today for a heartfelt conversation about what it means to truly be present to humanity, and if we are able to do that at the same time as looking through a viewfinder.  Many of you might know Michael from his most recent book "Libyan Sugar" and his amazing ability to capture the wide range of human emotions in conflict zones from Benghazi to the Congo.  He's a regular contributing photographer to some of the most prestigious outlets in the world like Time, National Geographic, and The New York Times, and has covered some of the most historical events of the last 20 years.  During the time many would refer to as the Arab Spring, Michael went to Libya to experience the uprising and to document what would happen when people decided to take back the power.  It was there that Michael would be faced with many near death experiences, including a well documented mortar attack that killed one of his good friends and colleagues.  It was those moments, in the long run, that would make Michael question what it was he was doing there and what it meant to be a photographer and fellow human being.  During this conversation, I get the chance to explore those topics with Michael and talk about facing your own traumatic experiences after returning home from a conflict zone, finding true meaning and happiness within the chaos, and the advice he gives to others who want to travel the world and document the human existence.  So join us as we explore some of what it means to be a person and a photographer.  

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